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Is Your Bookkeeper Reliable around VAT time?

In Outsourcing on October 28, 2009 by Boogles Ltd Tagged: , , , ,

We had a call today from a rather distressed lady whose bookkeeper hadn’t showed up… AGAIN! She’s got a business to run, and other things to do – yet her self-employed bookkeeper thought it was alright to let her down again. He was supposed to come in yesterday – he didn’t show up. And then he was supposed to come in today. Again, a no-show. Now she’s in a panic about not getting in her VAT return by the end of the week… i.e. 30th October.  And with the British postal service being what it is… posting the VAT return it’s not something that people want to leave until the last minute.

The bookkeeper is a very likeable person – but they’re just not that reliable. And when she’s calling him… she can’t get through! He’s not picking up his phone, and yet this is the “service” she is paying for! The other problem she was having, was that the bookkeeper would come quite late in the day (probably after they’ve already finished a job), take her stuff away, and return it a few weeks later with the figures… but no spreadsheet (so she has no data for her records).

So, she rang us, to see, what we could do for her. We said:

  • on site bookkeeping
  • a contact point (i.e. centralised offices)
  • a diary system – whereby we don’t overbook ourselves with too many clients

If you need a reliable bookkeeper to do your VAT return – give Boogles a ring… 0800 3800 150.