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Solicitors – Don’t attempt the bookkeeping, unless you’re sure

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A Legal Cashier will be able to post items to the correct ledger accounts. Their training is in bookkeeping, ledger accounts, nominals… and know what goes on the Profit & Loss, and what goes on the Balance Sheet. My advice to any new solicitors starting out in their practice, is to get yourself a decent bookkeeper. Get in the help.

Otherwise, even though you think you are saving money now… in the long run, if you bodge up your records – you’ll just be causing yourself more grieve and expense later on down the line. The value of outsourcing this job, or giving it to someone who understands, whilst you build up the practice… cannot be over stated.

You’ll be spending more time trying to figure out your legal accounts software, on the phone to the support desk trying to get to grips with things, then IN the business, helping your clients and bringing justice for them – and thats just detrimental. Think about the value of your time. If you charge “£300” per hour, and the cashier is “£30” – is doing the bookkeeping, really the best use of your time? No. I thought not.

Get in the experts. Don’t attempt the bookkeeping… unless you’re sure. BOOGLES


Hello world!

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