My Legal Cashier MUST know my Solicitors Accounts Software package!

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The difficulty which many  solicitors have is finding a bookkeeper who has used their software package. And the error they make – is that they discount all cashiers who haven’t used their solicitors accounts software. This is a big mistake.

There are many different software packages on the market to choose from e.g. Iris, SOS, Perfect Books, Osprey, Alpha Law, Mountain – there are hundreds. And as a result – not everyone will have used everything. To search for a cashier with only “your solicitors accounts software” experience is very limiting. Extremely limiting.

Fortunately – many of these packages work in more or less the same way –  so thats a bonus. So instead of looking for a cashier who has used your specific accounting package – you’ll probably be better off to focus on the legal cashiers knowledge of the solicitors accounts rules, and on those cashiers who understand how to implement the best practice in the solicitors environment, and on cashiers who have got common sense!

Trouble is, as we all know – common sense isn’t that common! And with some packages – you may well have the common sense, but it’s the software developers who’ve created the programme with bugs and a few oddities that can make you wonder. BUT if the software company itself provides support – and you can get any queries resolved – you’ll be fine.

What does often happen, is that Cashiers cannot be bothered to learn a new software – they have their personal favorite and so they’ll convince a solicitor to switch to it (at great cost to the solicitor).

But there is no need for that. If your legal accounts software is half decent – stick with it, and find a Cashier who is keen, enthusiastic and willing and able to learn. You can always try getting in a Boogle! We’ll work with whatever you’ve got!


Is Your Bookkeeper Reliable around VAT time?

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We had a call today from a rather distressed lady whose bookkeeper hadn’t showed up… AGAIN! She’s got a business to run, and other things to do – yet her self-employed bookkeeper thought it was alright to let her down again. He was supposed to come in yesterday – he didn’t show up. And then he was supposed to come in today. Again, a no-show. Now she’s in a panic about not getting in her VAT return by the end of the week… i.e. 30th October.  And with the British postal service being what it is… posting the VAT return it’s not something that people want to leave until the last minute.

The bookkeeper is a very likeable person – but they’re just not that reliable. And when she’s calling him… she can’t get through! He’s not picking up his phone, and yet this is the “service” she is paying for! The other problem she was having, was that the bookkeeper would come quite late in the day (probably after they’ve already finished a job), take her stuff away, and return it a few weeks later with the figures… but no spreadsheet (so she has no data for her records).

So, she rang us, to see, what we could do for her. We said:

  • on site bookkeeping
  • a contact point (i.e. centralised offices)
  • a diary system – whereby we don’t overbook ourselves with too many clients

If you need a reliable bookkeeper to do your VAT return – give Boogles a ring… 0800 3800 150.


Solicitors – Don’t attempt the bookkeeping, unless you’re sure

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A Legal Cashier will be able to post items to the correct ledger accounts. Their training is in bookkeeping, ledger accounts, nominals… and know what goes on the Profit & Loss, and what goes on the Balance Sheet. My advice to any new solicitors starting out in their practice, is to get yourself a decent bookkeeper. Get in the help.

Otherwise, even though you think you are saving money now… in the long run, if you bodge up your records – you’ll just be causing yourself more grieve and expense later on down the line. The value of outsourcing this job, or giving it to someone who understands, whilst you build up the practice… cannot be over stated.

You’ll be spending more time trying to figure out your legal accounts software, on the phone to the support desk trying to get to grips with things, then IN the business, helping your clients and bringing justice for them – and thats just detrimental. Think about the value of your time. If you charge “£300” per hour, and the cashier is “£30” – is doing the bookkeeping, really the best use of your time? No. I thought not.

Get in the experts. Don’t attempt the bookkeeping… unless you’re sure. BOOGLES


Solicitors Accounts Rules

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Solicitors Accounts Rules are “complicated” to say the least.  In addition to the solicitor having to RUN their business, they’re also expected to keep up with everything else that is going on, on the compliance side. This is where getting a good legal cashier can really help save a lot of time, effort and energy.  The solicitor can focus on what they do best… i.e. winning cases for the clients – be it unfair dismissal, or acting on their behalf in a criminal matter… it could be anything… and a good cashier, will focus on staying complaint to the rules. This is simply not overdrawing the client account, making sure the books are tidy and in good order, and that the VAT return will be straightforward.

Sadly, many bookkeepers who try and work for solicitors don’t know these rules…. and any solicitor who has engaged someone like that may find problems later on down the line. It’s better to get in a specialist to do your books, particularly if your field requires that knowledge. Failing a Law Society audit isn’t pleasant. And one of the most common reasons why solicitors get struck off… is down to failure to comply to the Solicitors Accounts Rules.

BOOGLES are a company providing good legal bookkeepers in London & the South East.


Hello world!

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